Health and Wellbeing

Allay Occupational Therapy helps people experiencing difficulties with injury, developmental difficulties, stroke, speech and language disorders, spinal cord or acquired brain injury or cognitive issues. We identify abilities and limitations to develop strategies for improving health and wellbeing. This is achieved by personalized assessment and intervention, focusing on increasing function, productivity and capacity in every day activities. 


Occupational Therapists may address the following areas:

  • Independent living skills - assessment and intervention for activities such as cooking, shopping, cleaning or self care.
  • Home modifications – promote independence and safety.
  • Aids and equipment – maximise independence.
  • Fine motor skills – individualised assessment and exercises to improve fine motor skills, supporting areas such as handwriting and personal care.
  • Gross motor skills - exercises to improve gross motor skills.
  • Gaining and maintaining study or employment.


Occupational therapists may utilise standardised assessments to determine functional capacity and assist in developing treatment options.

Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS):

What: Evaluating skills in activities of daily living, e.g. cooking, shopping, cleaning or self care. 
How: Initial interview, before deciding on two activities to complete together. 
Time: 2-3 hours, with additional report writing time.

Beery Visual Motor Integration, Developmental Test of Visual Perception, Developmental Test of Motor Coordination:    

What: Assess capacity of visual and motor ability (eye-hand coordination).
Why: Improving smooth, organised and efficient visual-motor integration allows success in sports, dance, art, handwriting, computer use, self care and many other activities.
How: Initial interview, three different paper based tests. 
Time: 1 hour, with additional report writing time.