Animal assisted occupational therapy incorporates an animal into the therapeutic treatment of clients with a wide range of health conditions. At Allay our Accredited AAT and OT, constructively blends animals into the therapeutic environments to work towards facilitating change, achieving pre-determined functional goals and promoting positive outcomes. Like occupational therapy, AAT is a goal driven intervention approach with the animal holding an integral and specific role in the therapeutic relationship. Adding an animal to the therapeutic setting creates a trusting and safe environment, decreasing anxiety and bolstering engagement in OT interventions.

Keys areas of support through provision of (AAT):

  • Social and emotional support
  • Increase functional participation
  • Development of social skills 
  • Psychological support
  • Autism Spectrum and ADHD interventions
  • Increase community engagement and promotion of healthy socialisation in exercising the animal in the community.
  • Increased spontaneity into the sessions, encouragement of independence and increased provision in motivation and self-esteem are also psychosocial benefits of AAT.

Ringo, our resident therapy dog, is a 2 year old cream Labrador who works alongside his OT handler Kate. Kate and Ringo have completed a six day intensive course by Lead the Way to become accredited in the provision of AAT services. Kate is also experienced in working with your own animal to build an understanding of their therapeutic potential and assessing for the potential benefits of an assistance dog.

Allay is registered with NDIS, TAC, DVA, Worksafe, Medicare and Private Health.