Occupational therapy can help
you overcome life’s challenges and
reach your individual potential.

Occupational Therapy Group Programs run every term.
Have a look at our Groups Page for more information.

Allay Occupational Therapy provides assessment, intervention and consultation for people with psychological, developmental, physical and neurological problems. 

We help people by identifying abilities and limitations, to develop strategies for improving health and wellbeing. This is achieved by personalized assessment and intervention focusing on increasing function, productivity and capacity in everyday activities. 

You may like to speak to our therapists about alleviating the impact of mental illness, developmental disorders, disability, injury or aging on your engagement in life. We have therapists that support people across the lifespan, from children through to older adults. 

We are based in a clinic in central Geelong, near the hospitals. We also come to your home or community throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Colac and Golden Plains.